Completed Reroofing Project in South Minneapolis

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Shingle Roof in South Minneapolis (after)

This is another of the many important but quite difficult projects that Prime Home successfully completed in 3 days. After many contractors had failed to provide an accurate roof leak inspection due to steep and difficult roof access, Prime Home was the only company able to assess the entire roof and came to find out that there was very extensive hail storm damage on their roof. Our well experienced and trained storm damage inspector was not only able to help the homeowner get a new roof but also helped the customer with the insurance claim process from beginning to end. By doing this, we were also able to help the homeowner recover from other storm damages such as window wraps, aluminum soffit, and fascia. The only money that had to come out of the homeowner's pocket was his deductible.

Initially, the homeowner wasn't sure if his roof suffered damage from a hail storm. In the previous years, the existing roof had extensive shingle damage caused by hail and wind, to the point that the lifted up shingles started to cause interior water damaged. The entire second-floor ceiling drywall had damage, including insulation. The damage was present there for years, so Prime Home’s crew had to repair rotten roof deck and trusses as part of the restoration process, including interior drywall repair and paint.

New Roof Installation in Minneapolis

After Picture, Featuring Roof Cone with New GAF Shingles

As you can notice, our crews had a great challenge to deal with this particular project, especially having to deal with re-roofing the shingle cone roof. Prime Home had the right crew for this project, not to mention that this cone took a 3-man crew 3 days to finish. Another challenge that our crew had to deal with was the access, since the two neighbors were very close to the property and because this roof is 3 stories up, carrying shingles up was quite difficult, but all of our crews are equipped with 24’shingles lifts which made our job easy. Our crew had to install new metal wall flashing, roof edge, valley flashing, roof vents and plumbing vents along with this 30 Year Architectural shingles including all underlayment, all manufactured from GAF.

After 3 days of intensive hard work, the home was left like we had never been there. We respected our customer’s neighbor properties by protecting their landscaping and building with plywood and tarps. We took extreme care, not to mention the final cleaning had to be impeccable. All nails were picked up with roll magnet throughout the entire front and back yard.

Before picture at south Minneapolis roofing project

Before Picture at South Minneapolis Roofing Project

This is a before picture that one of our estimators took from ground. The existing roof had a CertainTeed organic shingles which was installed sometime before 2005. The shingles had some premature aging which contributed to the hail damage. As you can see, the homeowner decided to install a similar color shingle so that it can easily blend with the white stucco siding. After all, everything looks good.