Minneapolis Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal Minneapolis MN

Ice dams are all too common during winter, and while they may look pretty, they can cause serious damage to your home. Your roof, gutters, and insulation, and more are all susceptible to damage created by ice dams. You’ll notice them hanging from the edges of your roof, and they are frequently seen after snowfall. The snow melts and runs down your roof, to your gutter. Here, it refreezes, blocking up your gutters and amassing size whenever newly melted snow comes into contact. In order to prevent long term damage to your gutters and roof, it’s important to deal with ice dams quickly. Climbing up the side of your house in the freezing winter is dangerous, and we highly recommend calling professional ice dam removal services to ensure safety and guaranteed results.

It’s important to deal with ice dams quickly and definitely. If left to accumulate all winter, your home could face lasting issues in the spring, including water damage, mold growth, warping of siding, and lack of insulation.  As soon as you notice a heavy accumulation of snow on your roof, you should act quickly to remove it. While there are some things you can do yourself to keep ice dams from forming or getting worse, when it comes to heavy snow and ice removal is best left to the professionals.

It is possible to prevent ice dams, Prime Home can help you with ice dam prevention in any season and ice dam removal even in the worst of winter. Prime Home offers same day service for most ice dam removals. Our contractors are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

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