Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation


Looking to reduce the cost of your electric bill by bringing some natural light into your home or commercial building? Are you tired of nagging leaks from your current skylight?

Look no further!

We have a great selection of skylights to choose from, including domed, flat glass, and even custom styles to fit every home and commercial building.

Skylight Installation

Venting Skylight

Venting skylight

All Velux skylight glazings are built using energy efficient LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes. Options include: Fixed operable, electric with remote and Venetian Blinds

Dome Skylight | Prime Home Construction

Dome skylight

Domed acrylic skylights are a bit more “old-fashioned”, and are widely used in place of flat glass skylights because they allow rain water to run off the edging of the skylight, preventing leaks. Adding a domed skylight to your home will definitely bring that natural light into the home, bringing functionality and practicality together in perfect harmony.

Pyramid Installation

Pyramid skylight

Flat glass skylights have recently made a come-back over domed skylights. Their design has been revamped, eliminating the problem of leakage. This new improved design has also reduced the amount of heat gain/loss in the peaks of summer and winter. Created with two layers of dual glazed, laminated glass, the flat glass skylight reflects harmful UV rays, allowing only “healthy” light into your home. Within the two layers of glass is a vacuum of gas that works to prevent the transfer of heat, making this type of skylight extremely energy efficient. What an easy way to “go green” without making any sacrifices to the quality or longevity of your roof!

To learn more about skylight products, visit Velux.

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