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If your home is in need of a facelift, replacing your windows can have a dramatic effect on its appearance, both inside and out.

And while it’s nice to improve the curb appeal of your property, it’s even better to increase the energy efficiency. By installing new, more energy efficient windows, you can significantly lower your monthly utility bill.

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Many homeowners have never had to tackle the project of window replacement. The home they purchase may have come with great windows that lasted the duration of their time in that property. Others have replaced windows, but that was during a time when choices were made based solely on size and style.

In today’s world of windows, energy efficiency is a top priority. When we help you make a selection for your window replacement, we may use terms like low-E and U-Value. Don’t be intimidated! While these terms are a bit technical, they are used to make choosing the right window easier. We will explain the terms in clear language so that you understand exactly what we mean and exactly what you are getting.

Low-E Factor – Most window panes are now treated to have a low-E factor. This helps to reflect radiant heat toward its source. So the heat from the sun will be reflected off of your windows and remain outdoors, and the warmth from your heating system will reflect off the windows and remain indoors.

U-Value – This number rates the amount of heat that is allowed through the window. This does not measure the amount of light that comes through.

Solar Heat Gain and Visible Transmittance – This number represents how much heat is being lost through the window.

With this type of information available, choosing the number of panes and the type of glass that will be right for your home will be easy. With the most energy efficient windows available for your needs, your utility bill will decrease. In fact, within just a few years, you can save so much money that the window replacement will have virtually paid for itself.

Here is a client review from a recent bathroom remodeling project in Richfield:

Prime Home Construction remodeled two bathrooms and a kitchen and replaced windows for us and their work was well done. Their Project Manager Jake Blumer and Construction Manager Lorenzo Angamarca responded quickly whenever we had any questions or concerns. We will definitely use them for any work we may have in the future.

– Marlene E., Richfield MN


Creating a more eco-friendly home is great, but you also want your window replacement to look even better. There is a large variety of window styles available to complement the aesthetic of your home.

Our team has been in the window replacement business for over 10 years. We use both stock and custom products to help fit your size, style, needs and budget. We provide a free estimate, and lifetime workmanship warranties are available.

To learn more about window replacement products, visit Andersen and Simonton.

Single Hung Window

Single Hung

Often considered the standard window, a single hung window is affixed at the top and opens at the bottom by sliding up.

Double Hung Window

Double Hung

The double hung opens at both the bottom and the top of the window. This allows for greater air circulation in the house and has increased in popularity in recent years. It complements nearly any style just as well as a single hung.

Casement Window


A casement window opens by swinging open on a hinge like a door. Many homeowners like these because they are low-maintenance and easy to clean. They are also typically very energy efficient.

Egress Window


An egress window is found in basements. Outside of the home, there is a clearing around the window. This allows light to shine in and your family to get out in case of an emergency.

Picture Window


A picture window is typically a rectangular shape. It is very large and often just one window. This is a popular choice for rooms with a great view.

Construction Bay Window


A popular choice for the homeowner who wants to make a statement, a bay window is large like a picture window. But rather than being one large, flat pane, the framing is arched outward with more than one pane. Bay windows often accommodate a seating area with storage.

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